Work Process

Our work process is based in our comprehensive, expertise and combination of innovation, creativity and style.

Step 1: Feasibility

Marengo Morton Architects work process start with a good conversation. The client give us detailed requirements, goals and needs about what they have in mind, like sizes, colors and styles. That start is one of the important part that our team cares most. Sometimes you, as the client, may have to provide some informations or can help collect it, but this should be clearly discussed to avoid any confusion.


STEP 2: Design

Design is essentially a range of solutions to the brief. Done with the briefing, the fun part it starts. Our architects will begin developing through drawings, floor plan, perspective sketches, computer renderings or physical models, it will depends the number of ideas we exhibit.

Each project will be influenced by project scope, budget, client’s individual requirements and the alternatives ideas from Marengo Morton Architects. 


In this phase the architect will translate the design to reach a level of completeness that demonstrates the project can be built, so you can visualize the different routes your project could take. This is an exciting part of the process where dreams get fleshed out into the three dimensional form of your home. Although your involvement will take time and numerous decisions must be made. Working with your Marengo Morton architect should be a fun and rewarding experience. 


After we overcome all the client’s expectations, an exciting journey with Marengo Morton Architects starts. Once the design process is complete, now is ready to begin building (or remodeling) your home. The drawings are an instrument of communicating the project to those who will be involved in the construction of your home. During this phase our team will interface with consultants ensuring a complete coordinated set for construction.